LED Camping Lights

LED Camping Lights can provide up to 10 hours of lighting. They are great when needing a good light at night, ours are solar operated and rechargeable.

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LED Camping Lights are powered by solar or DC 5.5V Adapter and USB charging port. Many of us have slowly changed to LED lighting in our homes. We are told they are more efficient, use less electricity and last longer. Quality lasts longer. It is worth paying more for quality. I think you would agree if you’ve ever bought the cheaper ones and within a month or two they burn out. LED lighting is highly efficient and one of the most rapidly developing technologies. When designed well it can be more efficient, durable and longer lasting. Many of us have solar lighting lining their walkways, flower beds and they are rechargeable by the sun. If you lose your lights in the summer from those summer storms these are perfect for you. They will light up a room easily. Unfortunately sometimes you can be without power for days.

It would be nice if we could just rely on the sun for LED camping lights but sometimes we don’t see the sun for days or we are in a lot of trees that is why you need to recharge them in other ways also. You can enjoy up to 10 hours of rechargeable light sometimes. A solar pad with rechargeable LED lantern combines the use of solar energy with highly efficient LED technology. These are great for home, camping, garage, motor vehicle or anywhere portable lighting is needed. Ours features weather resistant solar pad for charging battery. Camper Merchandise has a camping string light/flashlight powered by solar panel. It sports 3 independent light bulbs with 9 foot chords and on/off switches. Free Shipping!