Backpacking Tents

Backpacking Tents are lightweight and easy to carry whether hiking alone or in a group. Checkout our tents, set up is easy, free shipping.
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Find the perfect tents that you can use when you are out backpacking in the woods or mountains when you shop here on our website. These tents are unique as they are ones that are designed especially for backpacking. When you shop through our backpacking tent options, you'll find that there are many lightweight options to choose from. These are ideal for keeping your backpack light so that you can hike easily with one of these added to your pack. On our website, you'll be able to find the perfect lightweight tent that is easy for just one person to carry comfortably. Whether you are backpacking alone or in a large group, you'll feel much more comfortable with one of these backpacking tents since you won't have to overload your pack with the weight of a heavier tent.

Take the pain out of backpacking and let Camper Merchandise provide you with lightweight tents to suit your needs. Having a lightweight tent no longer means confining your entire hiking group to small cramped tents. There are lightweight backpacking tents that can comfortably house large parties and offer ample headroom, while also holding the backpacking gear that you are carrying with you. These tents are also easy to set up so you can avoid wasting too much time getting the tent set up each evening. Our tents range in weight from 3lbs to 8.55lbs. After you've finished looking at the great selection of backpacking tents we offer, browse other categories of our website to find some military style cots or a nice camping sun shade. Thank you for shopping with Camper Merchandise.